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Gain groundbreaking insights from industry veterans on minimizing your company's compliance risks in the ever-evolving digital world. 

Plus, the first 50 attendees will receive a complimentary copy of Jim Lupkin's book, Predictive Social Media. 

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How do you protect yourself from compliance issues?

Social Media has completely changed the landscape of direct sales. It's a multi-laned avenue with various junctions and directions that allows you to communicate, socialize, and interact in ways that were virtually unheard of just fifteen or twenty years ago. And along with its benefits comes an entirely new set of compliance challenges-not only do you have to worry about the information you distribute, but you are also responsible for what your distributors say about your company online. 


Direct sales industry veterans Jim Lupkin, one of the world's foremost social media architects, Jonathan Gilliam with Momentum Factor, and JJ Oswald with Verb will discuss:

  • Getting to the root of compliance at a corporate level
  • Understanding the risk of product and income claims
  • Teaching your distributors to share their stories in an easy, authentic, and compliant way 
  • Enhancing your company's overall culture to minimize risk 
  • Utilizing digital tools to be proactive about compliance
  • Creating a workflow with technology to manage it

Jim Lupkin



As one of the world's foremost social media architects and 26-year direct sales industry veteran, Jim Lupkin helps businesses build a framework capable of withstanding the turbulent and ever-changing social media climate. From a $6 billion global corporation to celebrity-style brands to small businesses, solopreneurs, direct sales distributors, and companies in more than 100 countries, his passion lies at the intersection between the entrepreneurial spirit and the magic that happens when people work in harmony toward a common goal. Jim is an international speaker and best-selling author, including Predictive Social Media, and has been featured in entrepreneurial publications from AdWeek to Inc. Magazine. He is the only social media expert endorsed by Dr. Mikel J. Harry, co-creator of Six Sigma, the premier management system used by 87 of the Fortune100 companies to accelerate profits. 

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Known for developing innovative solutions to complex digital challenges, Jonathan Gilliam is the Founder and CEO of Momentum Factor, the world's leading provider of compliance risk monitoring, global online reputation management, and digital risk mitigation strategies for direct sellers and developers of the FieldWatch Compliance Management Platform. A published author, Johnathan's books Social Selling: How Direct Selling Companies Can Harness the Power of Connectivity-and Change the World and Blastoff! Creating Growth in Direct Selling Companies helped shape the direct selling industry conversation about new media and delivered a vision of social media's promise for direct selling companies. Jonathan is a regular speaker and presenter at industry conferences, including the Direct Selling Association, and is the founder of the Direct Selling Leadership & Compliance Summit. 

JJ Oswald



Over the last 25 years, JJ Oswald has witnessed the growth of the direct selling industry and worked with some of the industry's most prominent brands. JJ currently serves as the Senior Vice President of Sales at Verb Technology Company, Inc., and is passionate about building and fostering genuine relationships with his clients and business partners. Verb is a proud member of the Direct Selling Association and serves over 100 direct sales clients, including Market America, Kyani, Senegence, Shaklee, and more. In addition, Verb has over 2 million users worldwide, provides industry-leading technology that increases sales and enrollments with the industry's favorite prospecting tool, and offers the world's first mobile social compliance solutions, Fieldcheck™, in partnership with Momentum Factor.

Ready to hear success strategies for managing compliance and what you can do to minimize your risks?

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